Required Documentation

General Overview

Documentation is needed to proof your identity and your eligibility for a Diversity Visa.
Family members immigrating with you must also provide this proof.
The documents must be brought to the Consular Visa Interview.

Submit documents not older than six months. In case you have an older document and are unable to get a ‘fresh’ document submit the one you have.

Check and re-check that names, birth dates, on each document are correct.

Documentation requirements can differ per country. The Embassy or Consulate where you have your interview will send instructions.

Proof(s) of Identity

Two copies of the page with your Biographic Information in your Passport.

If your home country has a system of Internal Passports or Identification Cards two copies of the Biographic Information in this document are also needed.

If you have the interview not in your country of citizenship but in the country where you currently live or temporarily reside, you must also bring two copies of your Resident Card or temporary work/study permission.

Proof of Residence

Evidence that you indeed live at the address that you gave on your Visa Application. E.g. an official document from the municipal authority or a recent utility bill in your name with your address. Bring also two copies of it.

Proof of Self-Sufficiency

Evidence that you have the financial means to move to the U.S. and take care of yourself and if applicable also of family member immigrating with you, during the first period. Bring what applies to your situation.

Birth Certificate

Needed is the long or international version of your Birth Certificate.
If you are unable to provide this document you must submit Other Permitted Proof of Birth.
Bring two copies of either your Birth Certificate or Other Proof Birth.

Other Civil Documents

Documents like Marriage Certificate(s), Divorce Decree(s), Certificate(s) of Annulment, Death Certificate(s), Adoption Certificate(s), Custody Agreement(s). Submit what applies to your situation.

Police Certificate

Document that provides proof whether you have a criminal record or not. Needed from your home country and from any other country where you lived since age 16. Unless the country/countries in question do not provide this certificate.

Military Record

Document needed if you served in the armed forces. Unless the country where you served does not provide this.

Court/Prison Records

Persons who have been convicted of a crime must obtain a certified copy of each court record and of any prison record, regardless of the fact that they may have benefited subsequently from an amnesty, or a pardon, or other act of clemency.
If this applies consult an immigration attorney.

Proof you did not enter or stay or work in the U.S. illegally

Copies of page(s) in your passport containing a visa and of pages with dated Arrival Stamp I-94.

For Selected Entrants already living in the U.S.:
For Status Adjustment copies of the documents must be included with the I-485 Application. The original documents must be presented for verification during the AOS Visa Interview. It is best to submit documents not older than six months.

Nota bene: AOS Applicants and if applicable family members – already residing in the U.S. are NOT required to submit Police Certificates, Military Records.